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Our philosophy

The philosophy of the GM Service is to offer a language service that is peculiar both for its specialization in the legal, administrative, corporate, financial, journalistic and TV fields and for the care and attention that only in-house translations can ensure you.

“We have entrusted GM Service with the task of following all our sworn translations and the results have always been exceptional”

Joseph H.Legal department manager

Professional Translation services and custom care

As the translations are carried out in-house, clients are free to discuss the texts (style, terminology, contents, etc.) and to do so directly with the translators.

This close cooperation allows to draw up tailored translations and to ensure that each and every client receives the deserved attention.

In addition, every translation is reviewed by a competent supervisor (lawyers, accountants, architects, engineers) and in any case an expert of the relevant field.

Translation services in the following languages













Our Staff

GM Service is not an agency but a practice and translations are carried out directly by Ms. Maria Cristina Grimaldi and/or her staff. All have great experience in translations in the legal, administrative, corporate, financial and TV-journalistic fields.

Most are mother-tongue or perfectly bilingual. They are either experts or specialists and hold a university degree in translations or equivalent academic titles.
Many are enrolled in the register of translators and interpreters of the Civil and Criminal Tribunal in Rome and work as official translators at various Embassies.

About Us

Grimaldi Maria Cristina

Mother tongue: ITALIAN
– Since 1995, works as a translator for high profile legal firms and multinational companies seated in Rome.
– Enrolled with the Register of Legal lnterpreters of the Civil and Criminal Tribunal in Rome.

– University Degree in Languages and Modem and Contemporary Literature at “La Sapienza” University in Rome.
– First Certificate, Cambridge University, England.
– High level diploma in German in Hannover, Germany.
– High level diploma in Spanish, Salamanca University, Spain.

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Uta Charlotte Kügler

Mother tongue: GERMAN
– Since 1995, works for high profile movie companies television broadcasters and international networks.

– Diploma as Interpreter and Translator at the Univers1ty of Magonza, Gutenberg.
– Attended a seminar on journalism at an Italian newspaper.
– Telemedia specialization in translations and interpreting.
– Sommelier diploma at the Italian Sommelier Association in Rome, excellent knowledge of oenology terms.

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Translations and other services

Translations of deeds
and legal documents

Notary deeds, judgments and citations, court documents, contracts: banking documentation and economic studies.

Translations of
corporate documents

Articles of incorporation, statutes, balance sheets, certifications, minutes of meetings and proxies.

Sworn translations

Documents for international tenders, consular legalisations, notary documents, court documents, car registration certificates, diplomas, degree certificates, pension certificates, residence certificates and certificates of all kinds.

Producing for international broadcasters

Translating, interpreting and organising television events.


The date of delivery is set according to the actual complexity of the text. We aim at being fast, flexible, on time and at the same time take great care of client privacy and the quality of the finished product.
Delivery may be carried out by e-mail, fax or courier, or cd-rom.